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Rosé Season started as an Instagram account @roseseason in 2014 by Sarah Billstein, being one of the first social media accounts promoting the rosé lifestyle. Today, it is a lifestyle brand and a marketing and consulting business.

We sell apparel, accessories and home goods for rosé, brosé and frosé drinkers, and for their kids and pets. We also have partnered with FrutaPop to sell boozy ice pops, which have taken the Internet by storm!

Additionally, Rosé Season provides marketing, editorial and consulting services to any brand and business whose target audience aligns with the rosé lifestyle.


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Rosé Rehab in the hamptons - august 2016

Last year's sponsors and pop-ups included: Chateau D'Esclans, Alidoro, DJ Rosé, The Twist App, Hamptons Handpoured, Tribe Tats, Pouquette St. Barth, Sharingbox, Shortcut App, Nibi MTK and The Ritualist.

** Featured on Bravo's Summer House!

Watch my interview with Rebecca Jarvis on ABC News.  

Bravo's Summer House loves rosé!   

If you haven't watched it, you should!  Not only are the cast members my BFFs, but I make appearances as well!