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Your Rosé Preferences
When I hear "rosé," I associate it with positive memories
The lighter and drier the better
I only drink rosé from Provence
I don't discriminate - I love all rosé
I prefer bubbly rosé (champagne, sparkling, etc.)
I only drink rosé because my friends ordered it
I only drink rosé to Instagram it / post it on social media
Drinking rosé makes me feel chic and trendy
I associate rosé with luxury
There is still a stigma about rosé being cheap wine
I only drink rosé in the summer
I only drink rosé in the summer, but I would drink it in the winter if it was available
I am interested in the winemaking process
I prefer wine over beer at social events/engagements (excl. dinner)
I prefer wine over liquor at social events/engagements (excl. dinner)
I am intimidated by extensive wine lists at restaurants
I am a huge music fan
I love to travel
I am interested in exclusive wine and related lifestyle/experiential discounts
I would be interested in a rosé wine club
Rosé season is a lifestyle
Rosé season is year-round
This can be related to the wine itself, fashion/design/decor and/or any other lifestyle trends.
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